“I’ve dealt with many professional recruiters over the past few years but none of them have impressed me as much as Will Walsh of Quad Staffing has. Will took a personal, vested interest in my career. He listened to what I wanted, made comments and recommendations based upon my personal goals; he didn’t try to push me in a way that I wasn’t interested in.

When it was time for the interview process, Will worked diligently with myself and the prospective firm to provide immediate feedback. He also took It upon himself to continue to speak with the firm on my behalf to get the best deal possible. Will truly went above and beyond what I expected of him. Now six months in at my new job, Will and I still keep in touch. Will just “checks in”occasionally to see how things are going with me, my career and my family.

Will is a true professional in every sense and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him to anybody who is looking for a professional career change.” - Craig A. Sanford, CPA

"I have worked with Bill Walsh in the past year in my job search efforts. He was most considerate, helpful and proactive. He had excellent contacts and deep relationships with clients. I found him to be knowledgable and empathetic about the local market and head hunting needs. He understood what I was looking for in an employer and was able to match it. He was honest and upfront about all aspects of the hiring and selection process. It was a pleasure to work with him." - Anupama Gupta

"Will Walsh and his professional crew were very helpful in my transition from D&T in LA to PwC in NY. They understood my requirements and were helpful in negotiating a desirable package. I would recommend Quad Staffing for your next Job Search."- Rohan Thacker, CISA

"I worked with Will Walsh at Quad Staffing in my most recent job search and was extremely impressed with their diligence and patience. My job search was probably a challenge compared to many applicants. Despite my qualifications, I was looking for a more senior position than my years of experience would have suggested. In addition, I needed an organization that would be flexible with respect to my hours and travel schedule as I am a student finishing law school in the evenings. At the same time, I was looking for a management-level position that would allow me to pursue audit and forensic accounting work despite having little availability to travel because of my educational commitments. None of these goals were compatible.

But Will and I agreed on a process whereby we would be patient and wait for the right opportunity. Unlike other executive recruiters who were inundating me with positions that did not fit the criteria set forth above, Will did not waste my time sending me jobs that did not fit my needs and goals. Within a few weeks, he sent me on my first interview which ended up being the position I accepted, having met all of my needs. I will certainly trust their judgment in the future when I am looking for candidates as I know they would only send me people that are the right fit for the position." - Michael L. Briganti, CPA

"I have had a lot of experience in dealing with permanent and temporary recruitment agencies and have become cynical of the whole process. However, having been introduced to Quad Staffing after simply making a phone call in regard to a job posting, I have received outstanding service from every person with whom I have dealt with. Quad Staffing has able to present me with opportunities that have exactly matched my career wish list. Will Walsh at Quad Staffing from the beginning was a true professional and even had the courtesy to call with regular updates, even when there were no new developments. When I started in my current position, I was greeted with the same enthusiasm for the high standard of service that Quad Staffing delivers by my new employer. I am convinced that personalizing customer service in the recruitment industry is definitely the way forward and that Quad Staffing has mastered the art."
Chris Thompson, CPA Big 4

"Will Walsh at Quad Staffing, helped me to find my new job at PwC in New York City. I was located in Ohio at the time, which presented a challenge but they made it happen. Quad Staffing made this process seem seamless and they were professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful in my job search. They even helped me with my apartment search too! I have been at my new job for over a year and am very happy. I definitely recommend Quad Staffing in your next job search." - E.M. CPA

"Quad Staffing is one of the most professional career services firms I have worked with. When going through my search, I narrowed the firms I wanted to work with to 3, Quad Staffing being one of them. From the beginning, I felt comfortable working with Will Walsh of Quad Staffing because the level of professionalism he showed was exceptional. Will listened to my job needs, offered good advice and went to work in finding a job for me.
Out of the 5 criteria I set for myself for accepting a job, 3 out of the 5 were met for the position that I accepted, which was facilitated by Quad Staffing. I am very pleased.

I will recommend Quad Staffing to anyone starting their career or professionals looking for a new challenge." - Ranelli Williams, CPA

"Quad Staffing presented a handful of quality job opportunities according to my wish list. Once I concluded my interviews, they assisted me in choosing the most appropriate opportunity according to my original goals. They even assisted me with my relocation by introducing me to real estate agents in the area. Their process was extremely efficient and effective. I would definitely work with Quad Staffing again and have already referred numerous friends and former co-workers to them. I know they are in good hands!"
- Sam Fu, Senior Auditor - Regional Public Accounting Firm

" I worked with Will Walsh at Quad Staffing, and I was extremely impressed with his dedication to help me transition from a "Big 4" public accounting firm into a private accounting position. Will was exceptionally professional, and an all-around pleasure to work with. During my job search, Will spent a significant amount of time becoming familiar with my career goals, determining what type of position would be a good fit for my interests and background, connecting me with potential employers, and thoroughly preparing me for interviews. When I received an offer from my top choice, Will was able to negotiate a salary above what I had initially hoped for.

Quad Staffing went above and beyond my expectations, and is undoubtedly the best recruiting firm I have worked with. I am extremely happy in my new position, and I highly recommend Quad Staffing for all recruiting needs." - Amanda Michel