Will Walsh, Founder, President and Executive Career Coach of Quad Staffing, has 14 years experience in executive career counseling for the accounting and finance industry. Will's success lies in his ability to not only help professionals locate a job, but to create and find a career path that best utilizes their skills and wants. Will works directly with hiring managers and his personal network of high ranking professionals to make sure he is the eyes and ears in the marketplace for his clients. This allows him to explore all career options and when a client is ready for a career move, Will already has established relationships to start the process.

Currently employed candidates have trusted Will for years for his understanding and promise of client confidentiality. This allows Will to maintain a large number of highly qualified passive job seekers. Ninety percent of Will's candidates are passive job seekers with excellent jobs who are curious what other positions are available in their industry. Will's large inventory of passive job seekers are top rated professionals provided to him by his trusted network of executives and professionals.

Personally, Will Walsh also keeps busy. He is a husband of thirteen years with four beautiful children. Will explains his love of his job as, "Everyday I go to work for my family, to make their life better. Recruiting became my passion because I love to help candidates find careers that make them and their families happy. The better the opportunity I can find for a client, the better lives my clients can live."

Will Walsh can be emailed at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it